Explore your world like never before. See photos from anywhere on Earth. Scan the sands of the Sahara or island hop in the Caribbean, it’s up to you! Flickr photos constantly drop onto the map, in a user friendly way, as you zoom and pan to your location. Flickr Photo Map is easy and simple. Search photos by Tag, Flickr Username, Text Description, and Place. View your current location and see the photography was taken around you. This app is awesome and photo maps have never been so addicting.

  • Optimized for HD displays, for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touchpic43
  • Buy it once and get it for all of your devices
  • Explore photography from anywhere on planet Earth!
  • Photos constantly stream onto the map for wherever your looking
  • View photo titles, authors, and descriptions
  • Filter by Tags, Flickr Users, Descriptions, and Place
  • See photos from past and present
  • Choose from three types of maps: road, satellite, and hybrid
  • Email your photo map to a friend (iPad only)
  • Upload and share your photo map on Facebook (iPad only)
  • See your current location
  • Fade the photos in and out for map readability
  • Four random splash screens with blue map faces
  • Experience an award winning app!